House Staking

Stake ETH, USDC, GMX and other cryptocurrencies and become an owner of the house profits.


Total Supply


Total Users


Own the house

Put your tokens to work and stake them in exchange for shares of the decentralized house. Own the returns generated by house volume.

Play the house

Waste no time and play your odds against house liquidity. Fair rates and fast results provide speculators with powerful tools allowing them to try their luck!


Fully decentralized house liquidity, and permissionless interaction are our core mottos. Quantum-generated randomness served over the blockchain ensures powerful security.

Our ecosystem consists of two parts


DICE is the core unit of our ecosystem. Wager directly against the contract, or stake tokens or LP in exchange for a cut of the house.


House factory contracts allow for any token to be staked or wagered as its own ecosystem. Become the owner of the house for your tokens and take the rake.

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